Payment Methods

Curreny used is USD. We accept all major credit cards and in US dollars. We reserve the right to reject damaged notes Our service fee for processing Credit Card payments is 3.8% (23cents of $6) for international visa, mastercard, union pay cards. Local Cambodia Banks issued Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay is at 1.8% (11cents of $6). ABA Pay Mobile - Fee Free Service.

Bank Details

ABA BANK Account name: SNOOZE CAPSULE Account number: 000537513 SWIFT Code: ABAAKHPP

Do I have to pay VAT 10% ?

At the moment, we are absorbing the Value Added Tax of 10%, which is required in Cambodia.


Check in & out time

Check in & out time is at 12pm

Is there free internet wifi ?

Yes, Free wifi access is provided all over the premises. There is also a guest computer free to use as well.

Where can I do laundry or washing ?

We provide in house laundry at USD 2 per kg. Simply drop in reception. Returns next day usually depending on the Sun.


I have a night flight or bus to catch. What can I do ?

We have day use facilities available for a nominal fee. Showers, Capsule & Internet are provided. Just chat with our staff on day of departure.


I don't need breakfast. Can i get a discount ?

A simple breakfast is provided for all bookings. The cost is not calculated into your booking rate. Instead, it is provided as a kind gesture of hosting you. As such, we no longer offer rates without breakfast.



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(+855) 78 937 329

25, Sivutha Blvd, Mondul I Village, Svaydangkum Cummune,

Siem Reap, Cambodia




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