Snooze Capsule strongly commits to the Cambodian community and the people by contributing 80% of our profits to train local staff, students,  local engagements and involvement with local NGOs, free supplies and food. We fully support responsible tourism, eco sustainable tourism, up-skilling and education. 

While we are a commercial organisation, we hire local staff with ethical wages, train, upskill them. We will provide many opportunities & incentives to learn and upgrade. We use as many local products as possible, sourced from local farmers and resellers. 

Your stay at Snooze Capsule has benefited the Cambodian community and made an impact for the next generation. Snooze Capsule does not solicit any donations on site or online, instead please take a moment to read this page. *Monetary donations might not be as effective in certain organisations. 

We thank you sincerely for your support.


It is always confronting for travellers to see children living in poverty overseas. Whilst it is important that the international community works to prevent child exploitation and neglect, volunteers should always ensure that they are contributing in an ethical and meaningful way. Volunteers considering short term placements with children, particularly in orphanages, need to carefully think about the potential long term impact they may have on children in need of stability, structure and care.

Working directly with children in communities and orphanages may not be the most effective way to provide sustainable assistance. Volunteers should first consider donating to or working on projects that aim to develop and strengthen local communities, to create longer term alternatives for children living in poverty.


One should thoroughly research any organisation offering opportunities to volunteer with children, particularly in orphanages. In some circumstances, these organisations have removed children from adequate family care in order to profit from donations from abroad. There are also reports of unscrupulous organisations deliberately housing children in poor conditions to attract ongoing financial support from volunteers. Volunteers at these organisations may unknowingly contribute towards child exploitation. Consider these risk before volunteering with children. 


Cambodia has had a very difficult history in recent times, and there are many families that struggle to make ends meet. Quite a few children are not given the opportunity to receive an education, as parents send them to work at very young ages to help support the family members. As can be expected in an area with such high tourism, quite a few end up selling wares near tourist sites or resorting to begging for money. The sad reality is that while they may work very long hours, the goods you purchase from these children typically do not support furthering their education or quality of life.

Full Credits & Resources from

www.thinkchildsafe.org  (Support only)


Some of the organisations we support and work closely with. 


At SeeBeyondBorders we believe change begins with education, and we think that quality teaching and learning should be available to everyone. We work in primary schools in Cambodia, a country still recovering from the destruction of its education system under the Khmer Rouge. In partnership with local communities we sustainably improve education standards by training teachers, getting children to school and developing better learning environments. 

Website:    https://www.seebeyondborders.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SeeBeyondBorders/


Their mission is to create a safe space for LGBTIQ+ individuals to meet, learn through peer support about sexuality and gender and access information about health care, counselling services and their rights in Cambodia. Advocacy alongside LGBTIQ+ individuals to promote exposure, challenge stereotypes and decrease stigma across social, familial and professional realms as they develop and act on their own solutions. (Pending)

Website:    https://www.aptby.org/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/aptby


Training Restaurants for Employment and Entrepreneurship - A global alliance of training restaurants working to build futures for former street youth, marginalized young people and adults.

(Support Only)

Website:    https://friends-international.org

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/friendsinternational


Liger Leadership Academy provides high-potential, economically disadvantaged students with a world-class learning experience – empowering them to become leaders of tomorrow. (Support Only)


Website:    http://www.ligeracademy.org

Facebook:  www.fb.com/ligerleadershipacademy


Our mission is to break cycles of poverty and abuse and to create positive change in Cambodia through intervention and education for the most impoverished and underserved children and their families. (Active Donor)

Website:    https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org

Facebook:  www.fb.com/cambodianchildrensfund


Generation 414 is a social enterprise offering organic, ethical and fair trade items handmade by survivors of trafficking, providing them with dignified employment and personal development opportunities. We partner with NightLight International and A21 in their anti-trafficking efforts. Our work supports the recovery, education, and training of women from Thailand and India who seek an alternative to the sex industry. (Supporter & Active Donor)

Website:    https://generation414.com

Facebook:  www.fb.com/Generation414

Contact Person: Ms Christine Teo 


Pencils of Promise (“PoP”) is a for-purpose organization founded in 2008 with the goal of increasing access to quality education for children in the developing world. PoP works with communities across the globe to build schools and create programs that provide educational opportunities for children. To date, PoP has built over 420 schools throughout Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Nicaragua, and is providing education to 74,500 students, establishing itself as a leader amongst the innovative global nonprofits working toward sustainable social change. $75 educates a child for a full year and 100% of online donations go towards PoP programs. (Supporter & Active Donor)

Website:    https://pencilsofpromise.org/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pencilsofpromise/

Contact Person: Adam Braun 

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